Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HEART BEAT & LIVING - poetry from Nadia Glasheen


Nadia Glasheen

They say you only live once, but I don’t think that’s true,
I think you live twice, once when you mess up and once more when everything you dreamed of comes your way and makes you happy,
There is a purpose for life and the reason for living because without a heart we are mere machines programmed to work on time.
We are our own person and we live for a purpose,
Everything happens for a reason,
so be the person who has a reason to live!


I know where I am, know when to start and when to finish,
I may stand alone, I may walk in a crowd, but I can still hear the crossing bliss of a beating heart,
I look twice but I can see, I follow the noise but its not getting any louder,
its staying at the same beat and melody.
Then I close my eyes to find the answer and I open up to reach out and touch it
- its my own beating heart calling out to say I am alive and I beat only for you.  

THE AUTHOR: Nadia Glasheen, 19, from Moyross says her poetry is "about what goes on in the heart of a teenager going through everyday life." Up to now she's kept her poems to herself. "I guess it was kinda hard to write about myself in poems but as time went on I got into the hang of it, and I never gave up," says Nadia.
She began writing two years ago: "I started when I was working with the Monks in Moyross, and they handed me a diary to write a bit about how I’m feeling for everyday, but I was getting bored of that so I said i will just write a poem."
And so a new talent is born - we'll feature more poems from Nadia next week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrating Adult Learning in Moyross

The Moyross Adult Education Project is currently in the process of celebrating adult education in the area by bringing out a book covering community education since 1979 which we hope to launch at the end of 2011.  
In preparation, we invite all learners past and present to attend the event on Thursday 16th June in the Community Enterprise Centre at 3.30 to bring along any photos, or if you have stories to pass on.
Followed by a presentation of Fetac Awards and Participation Certificates at 5.30 by Minister for Skills & Training Ciaran Cannon.

UPDATE: The day was a mighty success. Here's one of the pictures we received on the day. We're looking for names for the caption - can anyone help? Double-click the photo to ENLARGE!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

“The best solution to a problem is yourself” - INTERVIEW WITH JUAN CARLOS AZZOPARDI

Juan Carlos Azzopardi is clearing his desk out after 15 years working in Moyross, but the Sligo-born community worker says it is not the end.
Juan Carlos packing up

“I don’t expect to miss Moyross, because I don’t see myself as leaving, simply expanding my work to other communities. This is not goodbye.”
His proudest moment was the change of school enrolment policies in 2005. “The Northside Local Education Committee made sure that all children got an equal oppurtunity at the same time.” Juan said there had been a “huge problem” for children applying to various schools prior to the issue being highlighted.

Juan spoke candidly of his time here: “What struck me most when I first arrived was the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people and that is still the case today. People in the area change but the area itself remains the same.”

Perhaps the latter reflects the pace of the regeneration.

Moyross faces many challenges in today’s Ireland, but the most difficult one is perhaps the sullying of the areas reputation by the national media.
“It has a very unfair reputation and as a result people get a bad impression of the place yet anyone that comes here sees the friendliness and resilience of the residents.”

Friday, June 3, 2011



The young minds of Moyross Pre-School took a collective step towards academia this morning as the class of 2011 donned their caps and gowns and enjoyed a well-earned farewell ceremony.
The kids were in great spirits and their proud parents were on hand to witness the graduation. Afterwards there were food and beverages shared amongst the gathering. 
Class of 2011 awaiting their certificates

Graduates from left to right: Evan Grimes, Amber Neim, Jake Ryan

Cap and gown procession

Proud mum and daughter with certificate
Gosia asks "can my little sister graduate too?"

Teacher Lisa with two graduates

Celebrating graduation, plenty of cake and biscuits.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The first pink dog in Ireland has been spotted in Moyross.
Either it's an unusual pedigree or someone dyed their dog.
A definite tinge of pink
The friendly black & white (& pink) doggie was spotted scouting for attention outside the 'Changing Ireland' office in Sarsfield Gardens. So we took its photo.
The fact that the dog was photographed walking past a local hairdressers is not by any means to suggest involvement on their part.
The evidence doesn't point that way since the dog's colouring clearly lacked a professional touch.
While it may have been lingering in the hope of some top-quality hairdressing, unfortunately Shona Griffin's Guys & Dolls was booked up.

Pink-tinged doggie spotted hanging around outside Shona's.
Click on the photo to see for yourself!
Meanwhile, Moyross.ie is hoping the owner could kindly shed some light on the phenomena of why the dog has pink legs? 
Could it be to do with climate change? Or from stress the dog experienced while awaiting regeneration? 
Moyross.ie would also like to know the dog's name. 
- AM

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



TV show host Vincent Browne was seen admiring the Community Garden yesterday and Minister Joan Burton will visit on July 10th.
The Minister for Social Protection is coming to officially open the garden which is fast becoming a beacon of hard work and solidarity as residents continue their work on the project.
The garden currently has eight seed-beds and it’s located at the rear of the community centre.
“It’s open to all. Don’t hesitate to come along any Monday or Wednesday from 2pm,” says Paddy Flannery, Community Enterprise Centre manager. “All are welcome.”

Working hard:Community workers readying garden for Grand Opening.